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Sateen stripes. 1500 thread count. Hand-made and excellent quality.

Sateen stripes 1500 thread count is all about the feeling against your skin.

It's the soft, cool side of the pillow or the luxurious softness of an Egyptian Cotton bathrobe. That feeling is for you, and you only. A gentle touch against your skin is the last stop on the Egyptian Cotton journey. A journey that started with a pinch of fresh cotton, in the careful hand that picked it in Egypt.

Each set contains: two pillowcases, duvet cover, fitted sheet

* – Technologically, satin is made by double weaving cotton natural threads, and therefore the fabric has the right to be called environmentally friendly. The resulting canvas is quite dense, but despite this it has a silky structure and a glossy sheen. It is for the external properties of satin that we respect it so much.


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